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Thread: NB fix it in DIY Hilt?

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    Default NB fix it in DIY Hilt?

    Hello @all,

    I'm new at the saber-scene and ordered a NB for my DIY saber. Today the Package arrived in Germany, an I wonder how I should fix the Bord inside the Saber.

    SD-Card on one side, Electronics on the other. No screwing holes, no points to glue it.

    Im a little confused and hope someone's out there with an advice.

    Greets from good (c)old Germany.


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    You need to build a chassis system. The inside diameter of your home built saber is a question. The Custom Saber Shop sells a ready made chassis that fits inside of MHS parts. It can house your battery, soundboard, and speaker. It is MHS Speaker Holder V6, and you need to order the 18650 battery holder for it as well. That is one solution.

    Another solution would be to fix your board to your battery with double sided 3M tape or Velcro. That is not a really good chassis solution, but it will work. TCSS also sells T8 tubing (which is plastic tube that surrounds T8 Flourescent Bulbs). If you do build a scratch chassis using your battery to secure the board to, make sure you insulate the board from your hilt somehow. There are lots of good threads and pictures in the MHS Chassis section on various solutions.


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    I packed it in shrink tubing and wrapped it with foam. So I pushed it all the way back into the hilt. Now I can reach the SD card if I unscrew the Pommel.


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