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Thread: 2006 Obi Wan "electronics through pommel"

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    Default 2006 Obi Wan "electronics through pommel"

    Hi Guys!

    Wanted to see if any of my fellow smiths had run into this:

    I am converting a 2006 Obi Wan MR...easily done...but:

    Getting the "stock" electronics sled out through the pommel without:
    1. Damaging the pommel area
    2. Damaging the internals
    3. Scratching or marring the hilt

    Is a task.
    I literally have the sled's "guide triangle" at the end (through quite a bit of careful navigation)...but the force necessary to get it proving a challenge. Before I padded the vice and risked marring the hilt and banging on it...

    Does anyone have a more solid / proven / gentle method of "sliding" this out?

    Just wanted to see if there was one out there.

    Thanks Guys!

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    Just an fyi...I was able to get it out...

    Helpful tip...apply some lithium grease to the id of the rear before attempting. The carefully pad in the vise, use rubber mallet on blade tip...gently knock it out...

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    That doesn't sound like fun Jon. Would you have been able to get a dremel tip inside of there to takes some of the material off the board edges?

    "Let the past die."

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    Was there a plastic tube on inside of the battery compartment you didn't remove?

    Some slide out easier than others. One I had to cut out.


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