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Thread: Pc 1.2?

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    Default Pc 1.2?

    I have a Pc 1.2 or it says on the board. Its been so long that I don't have a manual for it. I do have one that is for the PC 1.6. As I recall it (PC1.6) has the FOC ability. As for the Pc1.2 I'm looking to find out it has the same function. I'm pretty sure it does not.
    If anyone can confirm this or has access to a manual for this particular board. Please let me know .

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    You are correct, it does not have FoC. If it’s never been re-flashed, it also can only use locked sound fonts,so that is also something you need to keep in mind.
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    Cool. Thank you for the confirmation I'm pretty sure this one has not been flashed. The locked fonts dose not bother me. Mainly wanted to put it in sink tube for the nostalgia :0 thought it may be fun to have a bit of "old tech" in the collection.

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    i have one that MH reflashed to 1.6. he might still do it? i think you can contact him on... the "other" forum?
    btw my old PC 1.6 is still kicking! still works great in my LDM converted korbanth LS6 Hero! and yes, it has FOC

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