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Thread: Crystal Focus Randomly Rebooting During Use

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    Default Crystal Focus Randomly Rebooting During Use

    As the title says, my CF8 keeps rebooting in the middle of use. I finished it today and was using it just fine for about an hour, testing the colors and sound font rotation, playing around with spins and stabs and clashes and such. I'm not really sure what is causing it now but the time between startup and reboot is just getting shorter and shorter.

    I installed some new sound fonts I had purchased but I made sure not to mess with any config files when I did so. I did update the clash config today because I was getting all my spins and slashes but absolutely no clash effect when I hit something. I changed the clash value from 550 to 350 and that seemed to do it, that is the extent of my config changes tho.

    I have a rotating kill key which I use sometimes so I don't lose it by taking it out. I'm wondering if maybe it wasn't rotated tightly and there was power to the board when I removed the SD card. I'm fairly certain that's not the case but would that cause this issue? I'm looking to maybe just format the card and start over but I forgot to make a copy of the card. Does this sound like an SD card issue? If so, is there someplace I can download a default SD card loadout to troubleshoot or do I have to buy a new card from the store?

    Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.
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