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Thread: MHS LED Setup Help

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    Default MHS LED Setup Help

    Hey everyone,

    I’m still in the planning stages of my first saber with sound build. I’m trying to finalize my electronics, but am still confused. I would like an RGB saber and am leaning towards the PRIZM board, but don’t know what LEDs to choose. What would be the brightest RGB setup? Would a quad LED make sense? Can I use a buck puck for any part of this build?

    Here is what I’m thinking for electronics:
    Board: PRIZM
    Speaker: TCSS 2W bass
    Battery: 3.7V 18650
    Switch: LED AV or lit tactile (momentary)
    Aux: Tactile
    Recharge Port: TCSS 2.1mm
    Crystal Chamber: (use common anode or cathode? Unsure yet on resistor needs)
    Kill Switch: (tho I have no clue what specs I need).
    Resistors: Unknown. Haven’t figured out, especially for the LED options. Is a variable resistor/buck puck possible for any of this build?
    Chassis: Custom around TCSS chassis. Wanting to accomplish an amazing metal core effect with brass features.

    I’d like a multi-colored blade with multi-color FoC. Do I need any satellite boards?

    I know that’s a lot, and sadly it’s not all, so sorry for so many questions. I’m really excited to get started and really appreciate any help!
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