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Thread: Pico Crumble - speaker shorts out board

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    Default Pico Crumble - speaker shorts out board

    Board and switch work perfectly, turning lights on, flash on clash works etc. But if I wire in the speaker it shorts out and nothing works at all. I tried to see if I got extra solder anywhere, but it doesn't appear so. Are there additional places I could wire the speaker into to test?

    Pico Crumble front.jpgpico crumble back.jpg

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    I can't be 100% sure based on the pictures, but you should have two (2) wires coming from the board to the speaker and I only see one (1). It even looks like you have laid the speaker wire across both speaker posts? Perhaps I am reading the picture wrong though.

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    I agree with the above observation. However it shouldn't be shorting out the board unless those pads are bridged.

    It looks like your orange and green wires are bridged, it looks like thats the cause of the short.

    I suggest investing in a better soldering iron. It looks like you melted and actually burned some of your wires. Shrink tubing is critical in these cases.


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