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Thread: Nano Biscotte V4 with Recharge Port Help

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    Default Nano Biscotte V4 with Recharge Port Help

    Okay, I've got everything wired up as such, and it's not working. As I was making this I think I figured out the issue, but I may as well put this up and ask for help. Please and thank you!nano diagram.jpg

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    In the manual, the activation switch should be between battery negative and the switch pad. You have the switch in the positive loop, and may be cutting the loop with how you have that hooked up. Any rate, put it in the negative loop. Photo on P. 10 of NBIV manual shows proper wiring. They show a powerextender in there, but all it does is continue the negative loop for the switch. Give that a whirl and see if that fixes your issue.


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    Well, I managed to get it functioning, and the light came on... But I bridged the two pads for the speaker by accident...

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    That should be an easy fix..... little desoldiering wick....

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    So I cleaned it up, and it still didn't work! But then I got a thought--I detached the speaker I had and replaced it with a Bladebuilders one I had ripped some time ago, and sure enough, that was my issue, and what looked like a solder mess to me might not have been it at all. Of course, it could have been both... But it doesn't matter now. I have a fully functioning electronics setup for my next lightsaber build! And I'll purchase a new, up-to-par speaker in just a bit when I order hilt parts. Now back to waiting for MHSV2...

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    Mhsv2 huh...... might be a long wait. I bought some years ago, haven't seen any since.

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    Well, ~evidently~ it's supposed to be coming out again soon, with more parts added thereto. Here's hoping!

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