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Thread: NBV4 with LED STRIP

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    Default NBV4 with LED STRIP

    Ok- so in the manual page 30 it shows L1 and L2 connected together- in theory- couldn't you just bridge the pads or no? Also the 470 Ohm resister is there a "direction" that should be installed? I know with the resistors for Leds it does not really matter- but i am not quite as clear on this - especially since its on a data line.....

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    Dangit, you're doing neopixel! Beat me to it. I have no idea on the resistor. Most of these standard resistors are omnidirectional. The only ones I believe that the current direction matters on are the dynaohm resistors. Normal traditional resistors resist equally no matter which direction the current flows through them. That is my understanding. Good luck!

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    In terms of bridging, I don't see why not but I'm not 100% sure about max current/pad. I just followed Ervs diagram because I'm a simpleton. External resistor is not directional. As Tom said the only one we use that is are the dynaohms.

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