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Thread: Rey (Jedi Training) Black Series Force FX Lightsaber Conversion Tutorial

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    Hi. I am in the middle of this but have hit a problem. I know how the original Graflex pins sit in donor sabre, but where do you source the black part they fix through in the conversion, or, am I being stupid? The part I removed from the donor sabre is no use as far as I can tell anyway


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    Got it finished. Made my own stand too.

    Not the best quality image

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    Awesome job, I'm working on ANH Hasbro, so I've been watching you all. I think I'm going to use a TCSS Red Button and Graflex 2.0 glass Eye, with clamp card momentary activation. I'm messing around in the clamp right now, trying to get the right fitment for a microtactile switch which will be depressed via depression of the bubble card. Mine is getting NBIV and a MHS VI chassis with 18650 and Veco Bass Speaker. RB,B,W tricree. Should be awesome.


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    Thanks. Post pics when you finish it

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamielay View Post
    Thanks. First one I have ever done, so a bit nervous, got there though

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    About the conversion size issues.. I had a customer send his in after he mentioned it would not fit so we could check the sizing but after looking at it and literally 30 seconds with a dremel to remove burrs inside the hilt the conversion slid right in. We hold our kits to a exact size but if Hasbro is not there is not much we can do. Personally I would not want my blade holder flopping around so that is why I am hesitant to make them undersized.
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    Good to know. I'll dremel down my insides tonight. That means production is back on?

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    Can anyone post new pictures of the tutorial/how the circuit board should look when finished? The pictures arenít available from Shameem anymore at least for me, and his tutorial on YouTube is gone as well as all his other videos. Any help would be appreciated!

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    Does this wiring work for the Black Series ROTJ Luke?


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