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Thread: Rey (Jedi Training) Black Series Force FX Lightsaber Conversion Tutorial

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    Hi. I am in the middle of this but have hit a problem. I know how the original Graflex pins sit in donor sabre, but where do you source the black part they fix through in the conversion, or, am I being stupid? The part I removed from the donor sabre is no use as far as I can tell anyway


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    Got it finished. Made my own stand too.

    Not the best quality image

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    Awesome job, I'm working on ANH Hasbro, so I've been watching you all. I think I'm going to use a TCSS Red Button and Graflex 2.0 glass Eye, with clamp card momentary activation. I'm messing around in the clamp right now, trying to get the right fitment for a microtactile switch which will be depressed via depression of the bubble card. Mine is getting NBIV and a MHS VI chassis with 18650 and Veco Bass Speaker. RB,B,W tricree. Should be awesome.


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    Thanks. Post pics when you finish it

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamielay View Post
    Thanks. First one I have ever done, so a bit nervous, got there though

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    About the conversion size issues.. I had a customer send his in after he mentioned it would not fit so we could check the sizing but after looking at it and literally 30 seconds with a dremel to remove burrs inside the hilt the conversion slid right in. We hold our kits to a exact size but if Hasbro is not there is not much we can do. Personally I would not want my blade holder flopping around so that is why I am hesitant to make them undersized.
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    Good to know. I'll dremel down my insides tonight. That means production is back on?

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