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Thread: Blaster Core 5.0 Help needed.

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    Default Blaster Core 5.0 Help needed.

    Default Question for anybody who has used the Blaster Core 5.0

    If this is not the right place to post this, Mods please move. I just figured since the store sells it here. It would be ok to post, Perhaps a dedicated area could be made.. with that being said..

    So I finally want to add some lighting and sound effects to my Gears of War Lancer. I decided to go with the Blaster Core option. I already ordered it, while I am waiting for it to arrive I will been going over the downloadable instructions. ( I want to know it backwards and forwards before it arrives). I already get the gist about a lot of the functions. Magazine removal,trigger, muzzle flash that sort of thing. Something I cant seem to find info on is accent LED's. With the Lancer (as you know it has several areas that are illuminated with blue lights) I plan on replicating this with High Intensity blue LEDS, I have 6 box and 6 round. 12 total, I have looked at the pin out on the instructions but I cant seem to figure out how to hook up these 12 accent LED's. Now these are not going to do anything special, not cascading on, not keeping tracking of power or ammo. Just a simple on and off. I would really appreciate any help... I don't know if I am missing something so I am including a link to the instructions for the circuit board.

    So I am looking at the pinout again. I know about the R1-R6 that's for the blaster effect.
    It's the L1-L6. Is this what I would use for just lighting effects? Also can I use 2 LED's per pad?

    Any and all help would be great...

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    Ive been almost religiously reading the blaster core v4 manual (Plecter said the v4 manual was usable until they updated one for the v5), because i too wish to make a blaster, and while i dont know how to wire what you specifically want, page 11 and 12 looks like the place to figure it out. I hope this is helpful.

    EDIT: i realize it looks like we posted the same link, but for some reason the OP link doesnt work.
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