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Thread: NB4 acting odd- wired wrong??

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    Default NB4 acting odd- wired wrong??

    ugh- hoping someone can assist......
    Having a bit of a issue with an NB4 Build.
    here is what i have- trip rebel RGB- all tested- working correctly....
    Speaker- tested- working correctly.
    recharge port- seems to be wired and working correctly.

    NB-4- with accent led to led switch. Led works correctly

    L1 is R, L2 is G L3 is wired to the extension board- and is B

    Im pretty sure everything is wired correctly..... this is my first nb4- but i have done 4 NB 3's

    pull kill key- no sound at all
    accent light on switch lights up.
    press button blue led lights up...
    after that- i can press the button- long short- etc... holding button or whatever the duration of me pressing it- the LED (Main) goes out.... when i release its back on. Just the blue- solid. if i move the board around- does not do squat- it does not fluctuate- pulse- no foc- no nothing.........
    Crudely drawn diagram attached.....IMG_5974.jpg

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    Maybe we should make it like a game...... name that symptom! I'm pretty sure my led and recharge port are wired correctly, but this power extender is a new thing for me..... that said I've looked at the diagram in the manual, and am pretty sure I wired that accurately. I feel like it's a short somewhere or something to do with my switch, but....... that does not explain the lack of sound. if anyone has any ideas please fire them off!

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    hm- ok- more troubleshooting....... in an effort to see if i could discern what i messed up i stuck 2 additional wires on the board touching the speaker pads- and then to a known good working speaker- pulled the kill key- nada.....WTH...... so as this is a brand new build with all new parts I'm somewhat reluctant to start ripping it apart..... i wired it in a 3d printed chassis and it looks real purdy (for me). So - wondering if the battery is just depleted- i am trying to recharge through the recharge port- maybe this will magically fix my issue.......(not expecting it to- but wouldn't it be nice if this was the result of a crapped out battery......). I keep pouring over my diagrams- still cannot figure it out.......

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    The battery might be depleted, but I have another possible idea.

    The negative from battery to power extender is working. The negative from battery to NBv4 may not be working. Check the positive connection as well. A little voltmeter with the diode/conductivity sensor (beeps when circuit is complete) is a good way to test wiring.

    As well, make sure you have the indicator LED wired properly.

    I use green on power extender , because it didn't require a resistor (0.33 ohm) and I will just use the drive parameter.

    I suggest using a small 1/2 to 1/4 watt resistor instead of dynaohm. If it is a red led , 130-150 ohm would work, blue around 44 ohm (47 I use) and green around 33 ohm.

    I also suggest redrawing your diagrams and printing out the NBv4 manual and use it for calculations. I drew out my calcs right on the pages .

    If nothing else works, it is most likely the battery.

    Edit: Just looked at diagram again, where is the positive from indicator light on button going?
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    Pos from indicator led on switch is going to the sleep (not deep/ reg) connection on the board.

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    On another note.... I think I'm getting somewhere..... in an effort to troubleshoot I moved the board, suddenly "some" things were working..... I believe I have some bad wires.... so I've removed them all.... and will be redoing shortly.

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    When in doubt- remove all wires and start from scratch....... Well- it "fixed the issue.....
    On another note..... Is it me- or does the NB4 SOUND louder (without any adjustments) then the NB3- right out of the "box?

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    Oh nano v4 how you vex me...........second build on nano v4 and all together...... no l3..... ugh. It can only be one of a few wires, so I'll start there......

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    argh- it was that damn sneaky PEX. For some reason i have brain fart with the one lead coming off there...... FIXED!!! wooooohhoooooooo.....


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