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Thread: Crystal Chamber radiator fins who can draw some for me?

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    Default Crystal Chamber radiator fins who can draw some for me?

    Forgive me if this post is not allowed.

    I saw on Etsy that dark light customs makes crystal chamber radiator fins, however if you want custom ones you need to provide drawings and he had details on file format and stuff on his site.

    Is there anyone out there that can draw up some radiator fins for me so I can have dark light customs make them? He needs adobe illustrator file format.

    I'm using standard MHS discs so it will not be anything super custom it just needs to go over 5 holes on the disc.

    I attached pics of the style of his I like, as well as a pic of a chassis disc that notes what 5 holes the radiator fin needs to fit around.

    MHS Chassis disc photo.jpgMHS radiator fin example.jpg
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    I'm pretty sure that Adobe has a free 30-day trial for their software if you'd like to make them yourself. Learning the very basics of vector drawing software is not too hard (I just did it the other day), and that way you can make them exactly the way you want.

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    Adobe does have a free trial. You can also get it for $30 for a single month, or $20 a month on their subscription plan.

    If your use is occasional, you could also try Inkscape. It's open source, and pretty powerful. It won't make AI files, so you would have to see if the vendor would take a SVG file.

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    I saw those on there and I had the exact same thought. I'm wondering if you just sent him a picture of the chassis disks with all the measurements if that would work. I'd be interested in some too. I almost bought that exact set, but the problem was getting my wires to pass through unseen as well.

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    he won't drawing them for you. Unless he can just upload the file and start printing I don't think it will work.

    I can't even figure out how to draw a circle with adobe illustrator let alone vector 3d graphics.

    Seriously can someone who is familiar with these types of drawings help me out?

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    Not trying to hijack this thread, but since this is a DIY site, I'd thought I'd mention it.

    "Tibetara" sells different types and sized of brass washers, and I recieved them very fast. Why not make your own radiator fins? I think big box stores also carry different sizes of brass washers. I suppose not everyone has a collection of craigslist tools to play around with , however.

    Failing that, if you have the dimensions , or a perfect scaled picture of the chassis disks, I can draw a 3D STL or other CAD file (step, dxf etc) with fusion360 or tinkercad.

    I'm not sure why the seller needs Adobe illustrator, If
    they are using CNC it will need to be turned into a 3d object and then turned into proper format for their machine (gcode, toolpath).

    If they are making them by hand or on a manual mill/lathe, ask them why they need adobe specifically.

    The one example you posted looks alot like an "E-clip" washer.

    As Jediseth mentioned, don't forget about wire conduits. You need bushing spacers wider than the 4-40 all thread to allow wired through, and corresponding hole sizes in the fins. Or you can have dedicated conduits and hole sizes in the fins that allow the entire brass rod to fit.
    It would be unfortunate to order custom work like that, and then realize you can't hide the wires.

    If you do manage to draw it up, check around with local metal shops, many have machines (waterjet/cnx mill )that can make them, you might need a minimum order.
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    Whosle. Thank you for the response. I have my wiring accounted for. Three tubes are for 4-40 rods to hold the chamber together, the other two tubes are for wiring.

    I am tinkering around with adobe now, hopefully I can come up with something.

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    my attempts are not going so well so far...

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    Can someone help me draw some radiator fins in Adobe Illustrator?

    They must be *.ai files.

    Whosle was helping me but he had back surgery and is out of commission for a while.

    I downloaded adobe illustrator and tried to use it. I do not know how nor have time to figure it out. My free liscense expired and I do not intend to pay monthly.

    Please do not suggest other ways for me to do it because I can't. I understand my limitations and this is one. I cannot draw, computer aided or otherwise.

    I would really appreciate someomes help. I can throw a little $$ at your for your time.


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    Hey @Mike1114 ! The thing you need to figure out is the description of the Chassis Discs...

    {1.31" OD x .13" thick

    Hole sizes..

    The center hole is .315 diameter.
    The inner row of holes is three .116" diameter on a .6" circle. With a .1875" sleeve on the all thread (.7875" od circle), it will fit inside .8" bore of chokes.
    The middle row of holes is three .116" diameter on a .94" circle. With a .1875 sleeve on the all thread (1.1275" od circle), it will fit inside 1.15" bore of ribbed.
    The outer row of holes is three .116" diameter on a 1.05" circle. With a .1875" sleeve on the all thread (1.2375" od circle), it will fit inside 1.25" bore. }

    ...specifically if the inner, middle, and outer rows have the holes' centers on those .6", .94", and 1.05" circles. I assume that's what they were trying to convey, but before you start investing money into paying someone to draw the fins for you, or for having done so and having DarkLyteCustoms cut them out for you on his Laser Cutter, you really should make certain that's how the Chassis Discs are made.

    I would also recommend you take a moment in Paint or another free drawing program and sketch out what you'd like your Fins to look like on the Chassis Disc photo. You had said above... "a pic of a chassis disc that notes what 5 holes the radiator fin needs to fit around" could be interpretted in several different ways is all, and it will help whoever comes to your rescue draw up the Fins in the manner in which you imagine them to look like. And it will also help in preventing them from having to charge you for a redraw if they create the Fins in a way you weren't thinking of. At ~$20.00 or more/hr for a few hour project, that could get expensive quickly if there are too many changes that need to be made.

    If you decide to tackle this yourself, I'd start with drawing the Chassis Disc, then using it as a template to "cut out" the Fins. It sounds like DarkLyteCustoms wants a full on blueprint with dimensions and everything. Which is also time consuming, but more importantly, if once he has the files he plans to make them for other people your rescuer will likely end up never seeing any compensation from the future projects DarkLyteCustoms profits from. That's were "set-up" fees come into play and you start paying thousands of dollars for a designer to create your drawing.

    I had drawn up a project several years ago and shopped around for a facility to make 4 custom pieces for me, I provided the blueprint (old-fashioned hand-drawn awesomeness) and the different shops wanted between $2,000-$5,000 just to render it in AutoCAD and set up their machines. "You're looking at around $15.00 a part" they said. Uh, yeah? Like I was supposed to be thrilled by that part of the quote. I asked them what the price would be if I provided the AutoCAD file, and they were all still going to charge me the setup fees.

    Anywho, I'm not sure if they still sell the Adobe Suite at college bookstores/ online vendors like etc., but if you're a student, or know one, see about purchasing the Student Version of the Adobe Suite at a greatly reduced rate (~$300.00 back in the day) . Never mind, I just checked, it's all licensed "Cloud" nonsense now. Adobe sucks for that. Love their product, hate their current business plan. Go to ebay, search for "Illustrator CS" there's some good deals in there right now $20-54.99! JUST MAKE SURE YOU GET THE DISC(s)!!! I don't know if there's any support from Adobe for updated font downloads or anything, but if the activation code works, you'll have more than enough to play around with for years to come!

    One last thing, make sure that if you make your own files that you have a written contract with DarkLyteCustoms that they will not use your files for their own profit without compensating you for each time they use it, or that they simply won't use the files at all unless you are the one requesting they do so for your own personal projects.

    Good Luck!

    p.s. Here's a decent tutorial for the basis of your Fins project...


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