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Thread: CF8 Main LED always on

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    Default CF8 Main LED always on

    Posted this in another thread but this one seems more suited to the task. Anyway I have the CF connected just for testing purposes and everything seems to work fine but I have one issue with the main LED. It won't turn off! Unless the kill key is inserted the led is always on and I don't know why. It's connected to the main LED pads and I can get the sound to start when pushing my momentary switch but the led never does anything but stay solid on. I tried going into the override.txt file and changed the switch from 0,1,2 and when I had it to 0 the ignition sound starts as soon as I pull the key which I expected but parameter 1 and 2 don't seem to make a different. Very confused here.

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    So after burning my hand on the board I realized that I had made a terrible mistake and soldered the LED to the power supply and the power supply to the led pads. This of course caused some heat and after burning my thumb realized my error. Ran into another issue which was that the stupid LED wouldn't come on but thanks to this post I changed the color0 to 740,0,0,0 and while I think it still needs some slight adjustments at least it turns on and works as it should!

    Apologies for anyone who read this but i'll leave the post up in case some poor soul like myself does the same thing in the future!


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