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Thread: Jediseth' finished build with custom chassis

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    Default Jediseth' finished build with custom chassis

    This is my first saber build. I have done several other modifications to other saber companies sabers. but for me this is a first of it's kind. I did many modifications that were a first time experiment for me. Thanks!

    Nano V4
    Measures 12 inches plus tip of shroud.
    Green,White FOC

    This is a picture of my etching and getting ready to finish cleaning up and filing the windows.

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    awesome! I'm currently doing a similar chassis tube on a Hasbro upgrade.


    "Let the past die."

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    Thanks Tom, and thanks for the reply on Youtube.

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    Looking good dude. Nice work.

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    Your the best Greenie, thanks again!

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    Here is my blade plug I made for my saber. This thread should probably be in the gallery section of the forum. Sorry about that.
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