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Thread: Three crystal Crystal Chamber

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    Default Three crystal Crystal Chamber

    So I found that I have three really thin and short crystals that almost fit perfectly together probably the length of two pennies. Mostly I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to set this up in a CC or if anyone has attempted it before. If you guys have any ideas I'll take any advice. I'll try to post pictures of the crystals later to help.

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    Are you creating your own chamber? Using TCSS chassis discs? Custom fabricating the chamber? Are you going to light them all?

    You could "cheat" and just epoxy them together and then you have 1 crystal. It is usually clear enough to be unnoticeable and might even help diffuse the LED to light them all up better.

    But, I am a noob at this as well, so there are much better ways out there.

    I think it might be cool to mount them individually though. The chassis discs have three internal holes you could use to line them up accurately. If you are really lucky you could simply pressure mount them between the chassis discs. You should be able to use 3mm LED holders to dress it up a bit as well. Of course, you can expand and get creating from there, but that is a simple place to start. Won't require anything other than possible drilling out the existing mounting holes in the chassis discs.

    You might need 3 LED to light them up well though, but it certainly would be unique.

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    Hey @TuskinRaider ! If you were going to sandwich the 3 crystals together, you might try cutting or sanding a bevel on them at their tail ends, such that the joining of the 3 crystals created a triangular cone between them at the end of the grouping. This would give you a really good "Fiber-Optic" effect for lighting all 3 with a single led stuffed into the triangular cone end.

    As for mounting them, how about a LEGO-guy hand-like arm for each of the 3 crystals "pressing" them together? You could cut little bits of brass rod to achieve the effect. Drill little holes for those arms to go through on some larger brass rails, slide the arms in, you might even solder them to make them more resilient to being swung around in a lightsaber.

    Good Luck on your Tri-Crystal Chamber! I look forward to your progress pics!!!

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    This thread is almost a year old, I doubt anyone is going to answer.
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    You never know, and I was really curious.


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