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Thread: Nano Biscotte v3, Luxeon Rebel Star, Buckpuck Wiring Diagram Check

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    Okay, excellent. So, it's about as correct as it's gonna get. :P

    I just want them to be on when the saber is on. The only difference I found in the manual between the two accent pads is that one is off during Deep Sleep and the other isn't. That difference is moot, though (I think), because I'll be using a kill key.

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    Why not connect both to one pad. If the accent led is for a crystal, it can be wired in parallel with the main led and it will mirror the blade flicker/shimmer.

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    Yeah, good idea. I'll give that a shot.

    I think I've got enough of an understanding now to solder at least a few things and the rest I can plug into a breadboard for a little proof-of-concept test. I'll report back within the next few days on my progress.

    Thanks for all your help, Greenie and jbkuma!


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