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Thread: Trying to produce Crimson Red with Tri-Cree

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    Default Trying to produce Crimson Red with Tri-Cree

    Hey guys,

    I'm trying to create a crimson red sith blade using a tri-cree LED from the shop. Here's the color I want:

    I'm thinking either Red/Red/Amber(FOC) or DeepRed/Red/Amber(FOC) or DR/DR/Amber(FOC). Any ideas?


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    DR/DR/FOC is probably the closest you're going to get. Red is going to turn out more orangey.

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    If that's the red you're going for, two Deep Reds is probably the way to go. And keep in mind, it's going to look kind of pink in pictures. It will not in person.

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    Thanks for all of the replies guys. I have one more question; If I were to go with DR/DR/Amber, would that also give me the ability to have RedOrange? Basically, can I mix all three colors to get a RedOrange?


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    I don't know what color that would come out to exactly, aside from somewhere in that red-orange spectrum. If you've got a Nano Biscotte with a PEx, or a Prizm or Crystal Focus, you can run both the 2xDeep Reds and a Deep Red+Amber combo.


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