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Thread: Pico Crumble - Finished Build But No Sound

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    Default Pico Crumble - Finished Build But No Sound

    Hey everyone,

    Very first build. Finished it up today and got it all wired. Went with the Pico just for some basic quality of life things (a little less expensive and the ease of color changing).

    The saber fires up, the foc works, colors work, color changing works, but I've got no sound. I removed/re-attached the speaker wires to the board thinking I messed that up.

    Was there something I did to damage the board accidentally and didn't realize it? Or is it possible it's stuck on mute? I inspected the board under a magnifying glass to see if I could find any damage and it doesn't appear to have anything I can see. But being a novice maybe I don't know what to look for. Attaching a pic below:

    Any ideas on what might be causing this? Or is it maybe just a bad board?

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    I've been reading around in the NB forums, and it seems to me that if the sound doesn't work, something fried one way or another. Is that a reasonable thing to assume here? Or is there anything I should check first before figuring out either getting a new one or trying to get it repaired?

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    The board will not be bad unless you've released the magic smoke, then it may be the amp. Hook it up to another speaker to make sure that your speaker is not blown (don't assume it's ok cos it's new) and make sure MOTG is not active. If it does requires repair, you can PM Zook here on this forum.

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    MoTG doesn't seem to be the problem... at least from what I can see. I think I'm activating it, but with no sound it's just not doing anything.

    I'll get a new speaker to see if that's the problem first.

    I attempted to PM Zook but I think my account isn't to that posts/time threshold yet.

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    Hey all - update... I got in touch with Zook, who by the way is the man as many know.

    I first tried a whole new speaker... no dice there.

    I ended up re-wiring the speaker wires and the + and - appear to have been slightly bridged per Zook's assessment. Once that was rewired, I fired it up and lo and behold, I've got sound.

    BUT... it crackles a little. A bit like static. All the sounds fire, but I just have a minor consistent crackle during operation. What might cause that??

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    Could be something pressing against the speaker.

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    As in, it's in the battery holder piece and it's not clipped in all the way? I'm currently using the 18650 housing that includes the speaker holder from TCSS and it's clipped in. Should I maybe pull the speaker completely out and try it again on it's own?

    I've seen a couple of posts doing some searching that say it might be a solder ball that fell on the amp. I'm going to get a more powerful magnifying glass tonight to do a complete inspection. But it seems like nearly any other issue people have had that I'm reading about is a really inconsistent static that comes and goes. This problem is very consistent and also very minimal - I had considered just dealing with it, but I figured I should try and do this first build right and figure it out to the end!

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    Got it sorted!

    Upon inspection using a much higher magnification, there was an extremely small solder ball that fell on the top of the amp (I think it was the amp at least). I could barely see it and only when the light hit it just right. Scraped that off and cleaned it up, fired it up and we're good to go!

    My only issue now is the fit is SO tight.. I can definitely see why building a recharge port makes sense once you get the whole thing together. But that's possibly a job for the next build :P

    Thanks so much for the replies all - really appreciate it. Hopefully this can steer some others like me in the right direction who encounter the same issues.


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