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Thread: Nano biscotte Sound font help again !

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    Default Nano biscotte Sound font help again !

    Hi guys i need help quickly!!!!

    I just built my saber together and everything works fine, I put one default font onto my sd card and one self-made font. Off course I formated it before I did that. The default nano biscotte sound font works perfectly but my self made font doesn't. It is like that: I renamed all the files to the right name, I formated the SD-card, but when i want to switch to my font there are two beeps because it can't find a boot.wav allthoug I have one. Then when i ignite it the poweron sound plays totally normal. Then my Hum plays for 2 seconds or so and than i have no sound at all. Only some swing sound work sometimes. But if you listen closley you can hear a very strange but low noise.

    I really need help fast because I don't know what to do know and I want to show someone my self-made sound :/

    I hope some of you can help me

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    Are the sounds in the right format? WAV, 16-bit (well, 10 for the NB technically, but 16 works), 22.05 kHz?

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    They are in 22.05 kHz but how do I put them into 16-bit? (I use audacity)

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    There's a drop down off the sample name with the option Set Sample Format. You can change it to 16-bit there. Then reexport as WAV.

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