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Thread: Designing a new saber

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    I'm SUPER excited. I got my first TCSS parts today. A HUGE thank you to Tim & Erik!! The pieces look better than I imagined.

    It has begun...

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    I finally ordered and received all of my hilt parts and assembled them. The pieces are GORGEOUS! Tim and Erik did an AMAZING job with my customized parts, and I'm blown away. I know I'm gushing a bit, but I really want to say big thank you to TCSS for such great work.


    One oddity to note. I was playing with the pieces and putting them in different configurations, but I wasn't able to thread the gear part on the "switch end" of my body piece. The gear gets tight when you start to screw it in, and I don't want to damage the threads. I even tried the gear piece from a friend who recently ordered, and it wouldn't thread either. It's not a problem, b/c my design doesn't have it there, but it just seems odd. Does anyone know if this is intentional? All other parts seemed to thread into either end of the body (which is a customized 5" double female extension).

    I still haven't drilled & tapped any of my screws, cut my body shroud or ordered any guts for inside the hilt, but I can't stop picking up the hilt just to turn it around in my hands and pretend I have a "real" lightsaber... LOL.
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    The overall build of the saber is assembled and wired. Pulling out that kill key and hearing the boot up was one of the best sounds ever. MUCH appreciation to my buddy ST Ghost 01 for making it happen; having never soldered, I did some basic wiring, while Ghost helped with more (especially the NBV4). Plus, he had the tools that we used to cut and sand the shrouds. But we worked on both of our sabers together, so good times!

    I have two different blade holders b/c I can't quite decide which style I like better. The original design is based on Obi-Wan's apprentice saber from the novel of the same name, while the second blade holder is a slight nod to the Graphlex. We may have gotten a bit ahead of ourselves b/c we still need to paint/weather our sabers, but we just wanted to get some sound & light in there.


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