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    Hi guys. New to the forums and new to saber smithing so I'm probably asking a dumb question but does the nano biscotte V4 need the power xtender because it says it's built in on the website. If it does need the power xtender can someone help me with a wiring diagram using the V4 and the light up av switch and recharge port

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    I think you only need it if you want to take advantage of the color switching ability of the NBv4 and an RGB LED setup. If you're just doing a one-color blade you don't need to worry about using a PeX.

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    I was going to use a GGW tri cree with white FoC

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    Then no you won't need it both greens can run of one led oad and the FoC the second pad

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    So just wire in the recharge port and light up av switch like normal?

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