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Thread: SATOR - MHS based, CF7.5 + CEx

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    Default SATOR - MHS based, CF7.5 + CEx


    This is Sator (that's Latin an means 'father' or 'progenitor'), my first saber. I already posted a gallery thread over at the Fx-Sabers forum, so if you saw it there - sorry, nothing new to see here...
    It's part of a father and son set. My son's saber is called 'Filius' and I posted it here in the thread 'interim saber for my son'. Filius was finished first, but Sator is my first project.

    On to the specs:


    - MHS main body with modified slotted double male as crystal chamber and custom pommel insert
    - dual layer shroud with 17 seperate pieces and custom blade retention mechanism
    - CF 7.5 with CEex and additional PEx
    - CREE XM-L RGBW (white for FoC)
    - 7.4V 18650 Li-ion stick pack
    - hidden R.I.C.E and recharge port
    - custom control box (3 parts)
    - PLI and custom activation switch in control box
    - custom AUX switch
    - custom main power switch in pommel
    - custom RGB crystal chamber 'Slothfurnace-style' with natural quartz crystal
    - custom chassis
    - 36 inch dual diffused, thin walled blade
    - 2W bass speaker (reverse sound through crystal chamber)

    Here are some pics and a little video:


    Higher resolution:


    IMG_0715 on Vimeo
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    By the Force! This is your FIRST build? I'm crazy impressed with your shroud work. I'm going to be starting my first custom build myself soon. I thought I was being over-ambitious with my shroud and stuff, since all I'll have available is a rotary tool. How in the galaxy did you get such an awesome shroud done? What tools did you use?

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    That shroudwork is awesome. I'm guessing it wasn't done by hand with a dremel?

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    Very nice! Unique and original, yet very faithful to the style of the movies (especially Prequels). Excellent work.

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    That's totally killer. The metalwork is fabulous.

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    Thanx for your comments!
    I just used a drill press, a Dremel, an angle grinder and several hand tools. If anyone's interested- this is a link to a more detailed thread on the Fx-Sabers forum about both Sator and Filius: (hope it's OK to post it here) Not exactly a build thread, but some steps and pics of parts...

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    Holy crap, that was done with a dremel? Would love to hear more about how you did that and the dremel attachments you used.

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    Congratulations on an unbelievable first build. The attention to detail is amazing, as well as the overall functionality of the saber itself. Can't wait to see what your future builds will look like. Again, great work!

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    Love the old school elements encased with high-tech veneer. This is how everyone's first build should be imo. Who knows when you'll be able to make another, jump into the deep end and throw everything at it you can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gerrylum View Post
    Holy crap, that was done with a dremel? Would love to hear more about how you did that and the dremel attachments you used.
    I used mostly cutting wheels (fibre enhanced), those cylindrical sandpaper attachments (not sure, how they're called), polishing wheels and Wolfram carbide bits. Those cut like hell, into aluminum at least as well as into my hand. And the tiny aluminum slivers they create are really vicious... But most of the work was done with hand files, sand paper and a lot of elbow grease...


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