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    Thought I would post this here for prosperity as well.

    My Saber, The Iconic.

    My Sith blade.

    This one is a work in progress. Might be a themed saber we'll see.

    The sleak ambasodor.

    The silver saber.

    My wifes amber saber.

    My 2 year olds Cyan padawon blade. I call it the shin splitter.

    My 5 year olds graflex inspired saber.

    The "golden graflex".

    The twins.

    The collection on display

    (I know I need to fix the green blade in the middle)

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    Here's mine!!!
    Ahsoka (Construction Kit conversion I made for my niece)
    Jacen Solo (Construction Kit with Vader emitter and buttons added)
    Yoda ROTS
    Luke ESB (Converted from a MR Luke ANH)
    Anakin ROTS
    Luke ANH
    Vader ESB
    Vader ANH (New Version)
    Vader ANH (Original Version)
    Anakin AOTC (Converted to MR LED Blade)
    Mace AOTC
    Obi-Wan ROTS
    Luke ROTJ Luke
    Luke ESB (Original Version)

    Then I have...

    Darth Maul, Maul BD, Obi-Wan EE, Adi Gallia, Mace/Plo Koon, Qui-Gon, Anakin AOTC, Yoda TPM VD, Ki-Adi Mundi, Obi-Wan AOTC, Dooku, Yoda AOTC, Mace Windu AOTC, Kit Fisto, Anakin ROTS, Obi-Wan ROTS, Mace Windu ROTS, Darth Sidious, Darth Vader ROTS, Yoda ROTS, Luke ROTJ v2, Mara Jade, Luke ROTJ EE, Luke ANH EE, Darth Vader ANH, Obi-Wan ANH AFB, Obi-Wan ANH, Luke ANH, Darth Vader ESB, Luke ESB, Luke ROTJ Hero, Darth Vader ROTJ... wheeeeeew!!!!
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    My MHS sabers...

    "Run when you have to, fight when you must, rest when you can."

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    Here are my finished MHS sabers. All parts are MHS (except the sinktubes and the Graflex - but i bought them through the store)

    and turned on:

    they are in order, newest to oldest from left to right. 3 UltraSound boards, 3 MR boards. (you can't see in the picture but the one on the left has a lighted crystal chamber)

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    My collection so far (right to left).

    3X Ultrasabers "Dark"
    Ultrasabers Phantom
    Ultrasabers Red one off prototype
    Unnamed by SithlordFaust (Vader board)
    Saberforge Sith Claymore (Self installed new electronics including a Maul board)
    "Umok" a creation by Judge Sabersmith (CF 4.0 if I recall the exact version right)
    My first well beat up TCSS hilt w/ hasbro budget sound (Sith)
    A Darth Kryton sink tube creation I am working to get an LED into. (It is his but I like it)
    4 of the various metal Ultrasabers E-series sabers.

    I have a Dooku in transit and 2 Assaj Ventress sabers on pre-order.

    I also have a TCSS hilt with a long blade in transit that ought to arrive Friday. I hav it's guts all wired up and ready to toss in as soon as I open the box.

    Something something something dark side,
    something something something complete.

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    heres mine and ecos collection we made today.

    left to right.

    Ecos custom MHS direct drive 5 watt green
    DJs Moonbeam with white p4 and yello lee filter
    Ecos Custom MHS with maul board and bin 1 cyan (OMG)
    DJs Converted Anakin ROTS with P4
    DJs Converted Vader ESB with Lux 3

    and DJ and Ecos quick saber. basic MHS with P4 green and small battery pack. no switches nuthin just hooked it up. took us like 30 seconds. lol

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    Here's my collection to date. I have a couple of unfinished jobs in the hopper that will be posted soon.

    From left to right, more or less in order of completion or acquisition.

    #1-3 are non functional belt hangers I made before I learned of LED sabers.
    #4 MHS saber Blue P4, 1A puck.
    #5 Enigma. Custom brass & copper. CF4.0, white P4 with yellow filter.
    #6 Focus. MHS CF4.1, currently green P4, but sometimes LuxIII cyan.
    #7 Mustafar FX Anakin. Converted with red LuxIII, custom clamp and grips. I built it to sell, but I like it too much to part with.
    #8 Light dagger made from an otoscope. Green LuxI, 3/4" blade.
    #9 FX Obi-Wan. Gutted it for the sound board, then converted it to a stunt with a LuxIII cyan.
    #10 MHS saber, painted black. This is a WIP. I was recently using it to try making a purple blade with a RGB LED.
    #11 & 12 Vintage Graflex ESBs. One is partly converted. These will be finished some time in the future.
    #13 Across the top is a MRFX Luke ANH. Picked it up broken on eBay for a song. Fixed it easily, and would like to convert it some day.

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    Here's (part) of mine. I have several others that I've not photographed yet.

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    Left: MR Anakin ROTS (to be converted soon, now that I received my conversion kit)
    Middle: MR Vader ESB (has two damaged LEDs near base of the hilt which flicker now and again.... may need to convert later, or salvage my Anakin LED Strip..... )
    Right: Hasbro Signature Series Yoda AOTC/ROTS

    With the Lights off
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