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Thread: Pommels for Ultrasaber

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    Default Pommels for Ultrasaber

    Are the MHS pommels compatible with ultrasabers I am converting a stunt saber to a sound enabled device but have a solid pommel and not sure f the MHS ones will fit.

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    They will with most of their sabers. Which model do you have?

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    I have the sentinel V4

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    Copied and pasted from the Sentinel V4 description:

    The new Sentinel v4 is made from machined aluminum (...) and has a MHS compatible pommel.
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    Be aware that with other companies than TCSS that claim MHS compatibility their threading may be 'sort of' compatible but that doesnt mean their tolerances are always as correct as TCSS made genuine MHS parts or that they will fit together in exactly the same way in regards to other true MHS parts; for example several years ago I once had supposedly MHS compatible hilts from 'another maker' where their bladeholders were advertised as MHS compatible but when I tried replacing it on their hilt with a genuine TCSS MHS bladeholder the genuine MHS heatsink didnt fit properly and the entire genuine MHS bladeholder/heatsink assembly had to be shimmed to stop 'rattling'. Yes they 'screwed together' with a bit of lube but it wasnt a drop-in fully-interchangeable situation their advertising may have seemed to suggest.

    Similarly [and more to the point you are concerned with on a hilt by that maker who claims their pommels are also MHS compatible] when I tried to replace it on their hilt with a genuine TCSS made MHS pommel the MHS pommel did screw together onto their hilt HOWEVER when trying to add a TCSS speaker mount that had a 'lip' intended to 'lock' the speaker in place with an MHS pommel the other makers hilt similarly allowed the speaker to 'rattle' until shimmed; it was not a perfect fit as a true MHS hilt/pommel/speaker mount would have been. I have never had those issues with parts fitting together with genuine TCSS made MHS hilts and parts.

    I'm not suggesting you shouldnt try replacing that other maker's pommel with a true MHS one simply want you to be aware that you may have to do some extra work to get them to work correctly if you intend using certain TCSS internal parts and I would STRONGLY suggest you carefully clean all threading on their hilt and use the thread lube in the TCSS store if you choose to do so.

    Good Luck and MTFBWY

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    Quote Originally Posted by sith lord chip View Post
    I have the sentinel V4
    An excellent one, and my preferred saber! And as stated, yes, it is MHS compatible. As for the long comment up above, take it with a grain of salt--many who use those sabers (myself included) tend to mix and match MHS parts with ease. Actually, my wife's saber is a comglomeration of both--the emitter, extension pieces, and AV switch from TCSS, while a curved MHS piece, the pommel, and the electronics all from "the other MHS store". And the Covertec knob is from somewhere else entirely!
    Point is, don't let the above comment stress you.
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    Why would you need to swap their parts for MHS? Do they sell sub standard products?


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    Yes one should always take with a grain of salt comments from anyone including someone who has been in this for over a dozen years and remembers when both this shop and that one began...or better yet check out for yourself what pro sabersmiths of long standing in the saber community think about so-called MHS compatability from other sources and why they think it. It is not a secret among those who know.

    I agree though don't let anything I say "stress" you which is not my intent - just to forearm anyone who may come here and see or search topics on "mhs compatability" with information.

    By all means DO buy TCSS made genuine MHS parts including pommels - I'd be willing to bet you will never be disappointed in their quality just as I never have been, which is why I just dropped $1000 Cdn here on the Maythe4th sale, including 2 complete hilts worth - 3 if you count the saberstaff as 2 lol - and more of MHS parts. They are great parts made by THE best machinist in the hobby which the best pros in the saber business know and is why many still use genuine MHS parts. This too is not a secret.

    Again very best of luck and MTFBWY always.

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    Of course, the parts can be made to work even if they don't fit right. I use MHS pommels in scratch builds that have no threads at all. If it's loose you can always use a retention screw, threadlock if it's not too bad, or even glue if you don't need to remove it. If it's tight you can always sand (or even remove) the threads and if that doesn't work, you still have the aforementioned method available.

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    "Are ultrasaber parts compatible with MHS pommels I am converting a stunt saber to a sound enabled device but have a solid pommel and not sure f the ultrasabers ones will fit correctly made MHS parts."

    I fixed you query for you.


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