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Thread: Designing my second saber, "Keening".

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    I love the dark look you gave to this saber. I can feel the Imperial touch!
    I love the one with the clamp close to the pommel better.

    But don't you think the clamp will mess with the hand when holding the saber?

    I can't wait to see it real!

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    I've noticed playing with my first design that I tend to hold high on the hilt when using g single handed styles.

    Going shooting for an Obi/Anakin crossover the Obi style had the clamp towards the pommel.

    Last part I have to wait for the gear to come back I to stock but tempted to order a blank to fill in for it until then. Lol

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    Parts coming in!

    With the card in the clamp

    More parts due in tomorrow and early next week for internals,.....then rest of the ahilt once powder coating is complete.

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    Quick spec for the internals layout. Debating trying for a reveal in front of the Goth Chassis but will likely wait until it's all in hand to really be sure of spacing.

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    Power coating finished today and all hilt parts shipped Whoohooo

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    Parts came in the other day!

    Just a quick hilt build test, to check out the look and make sure everything fits right. I'll have to tap a set screw for the clamp into the 2" ext under it.

    Hope to get into that and wiring tomorrow after work

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    How's the quality on that Slothfurnace Graflex clamp? I've been considering grabbing one.

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    Work of art. I've got to sand it a bit to use as a switch because it's a perfect fit thickness wise. But it's well worth the money. Even has a signed card with a thank you on it just for that extra touch.

    (Edit you meant the clamp card right?)

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    Yes, I did. Sorry; it was before I'd had my tea, and I dropped a word.

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    No worries just saw it after posting and thought I'd best make sure.


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