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Thread: Designing my second saber, "Keening".

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    So had to postpone wiring for until today. Little rear end fender bender last night kinda of killer my free time. (only car damage luckily, noone hurt)

    So that left this AM as build day finally

    LEDs always end up being a pain for me to solder. Getting better at it thou, happy how this one went. Way faster that the last LED I did.

    First time using a PeX AND first time soldering to a circuit board. Fun little learning experience.

    NBv4, heck of a challenge soldering this up. Mostly because when I started I was simply terrified of frying my board. Had a few little mix ups, corrected and all works perfectly Quite happy.

    Speaker and in pommel recharge ready to go!

    Now I've got the hilt together and tinkering with fonts and such. Two last things to work on though:

    Clamp card still needs more sanding. Sometimes it works great, sometimes it works but no click sound at all, ... and sometimes it's constantly pushed. So should at least be close to being right size.

    Also, Blade Holder 20, with glass eye, red button, and 4 long electrical pins,.......totally blocks a blade. So i'll have to cut threads on the glass eye most likely, to make it flush and let the Red Button be the retention screw. The pins,.....I'm hoping if I purchase the short ones the threads are shorter and it flushes out in the holder.

    More pics once I get it finished!

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    So first off, I realized I never posted completion shots. Now when my proffie's showed I decided to replace my NBv4 in Keening, and while she was disassembled I went ahead and weathered her as well.

    Basic weathering via torch to heat the metal prior to aluminum black and finished with a scotchbrite pad. The clamp being different metal at first didn't take, but a second pass with the torch while still wet with aluminum black gave a great rusty look affect


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