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Thread: Designing my second saber, "Keening".

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    Default Designing my second saber, "Keening".

    So, in an effort to help get my mind of grieving for a time before I go nuts, I've been kicking around ideas for a new saber. I'm looking at a darker more imperial feel, one thing I started with was the idea of using one of Sothfurnace's new clamp cards from celebration.

    Starting from having a clamp, either Graflex or MPP style, I played around and ended up leaning towards a merging of Obi-wan's and Anakin's AHN sabers. First concern is if the repro clamps will fit over MHS parts, which has me leaning towards a MPP clamp has that one states it will fit. Under the clamp I have a small extension and then had to use a male to male to connect the next extension. For switches I'm thinking of tactile switches under the board in the clamp. Still researching this but every example I see shows two switches under the card, assuming wired in parallel so that you always get the activation of the switch even with a partial push on one edge.

    Any suggestions are welcome, I don't play to begin this for awhile and it will be a slow purchase process most likely.

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    Wondering what it would look like with the grip and clamp flipped
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    I could go either way. I've noticed I tend to my current design higher on the hilt than I'd originally expected I could.
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    Nah. The lines are weird with the grip and gear next to each other.

    Im not real crazy about the grip altogether honestly. But it is your saber and you're the one that has to be happy with it.
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    Nope I'm right there with you. The grip is the only part I'm not really thrilled with. Swapping that part around a bit to see what stands out best to me. The ribbed/deep ribbed ext looks decent,....but just seems to pull it more to Obi-wan style.

    That said it's not a bad look:

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    Don't forget, you can get custom machining services. You could do some grooves on a 4" double female which would look a little different than the ribbed section but still have that "grip" look and feel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Warlock View Post
    That said it's not a bad look:

    I rather like it. But the deep ribbed bits have a narrower inside diameter, so you'll need to plan your electronics payload accordingly.

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    Been mulling about this the last few days,......the version with the Deep Ribbed grip as grown on me. Aside from the Gear and clamp I just order the hilt parts. Found a guy selling a TCSS Graflex Clamp Replica elsewhere and picked that up as well. Was leaning more towards a MPP style,....but can't find one so maybe that will be a swap out later on. We'll see. Now just need the clamp swith holder and micro switches and Sothfurnance clamp card

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    You may need a spacer for the replica graflex clamp. The replica MPP is a closer fit.

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    I've read that. Unfortunately noone has a MPP for sale. But I have some MHS sleeve Mat laying around so worse case I'll snag a 2" extension and see if the sleeve mat makes the clamp fit correctly.

    Also ordered a pair of micro switches and clamp activation switch holder and the Celebration 2017 SlothFurnace IMP clamp card


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