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    I wanted to post some pictures of my lightsaber to show the sun gold option. I was on the fence on this color but took the plunge anyway, and I'm happy I did. Many pictures and written descriptions were making me a bit nervous about my color choice. So here's the deal. It does look mustard yellow when photographed in certain lighting, however in person and with some lighting adjustments it does look golden. I would describe the color as "frosted gold

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    Wow, this is deceptively simple looking. Did you etch the rings yourself? Any chance we can see her lit up and in action?

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    The etched parts are also in Sun Gold? Wow those seem much nicer than the unetched part imo...maybe sun gold looks best with a little 'detail'/texture added? I can see how that could be real potential for this colour with steampunk sabers too...hmmmm...

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    The etched parts were apart of a brass bracelet that I cut and soldered to the hilt peices. I could definitely see steampunk potential with the sun gold. My only hang up is it looks really nice in person, but at a convention with people taking photos it might come out mustard yellow.

    The truly tricky part was trying to fit everything inside. I was dead set on a 9 inch hilt. My pummel is 1.5 inches and it's dead space since it's one solid peice. I only had 4 inches to put my chassis.

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    Thanks for correcting my misunderstanding...the Sun Gold really does 'blend' nicely with brass parts so that is good to know.

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    Definitely like the color. Could see it with copper, black, or dark blue accents myself.


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