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Thread: Shadow Hand: My very first build

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    Alright guys & gals.. Shadow Hand is finally finished!!! I finished up the rest of the wiring last night /early a.m. this morning, and everything is working now

    First boot:

    I had a small nick in the sleeving of my anti-vandal LED + wire, so I had to put a little masking tape over it to finish testing, but I'll re-solder that joint later

    I'll add more pics with the blade installed and showcase some of the colors. All in all, I'm satisfied with it.

    Now... I HAVE to express my thanks and appreciation to the following people; I couldn't have done this without their help:

    Master Dave Maltais a.k.a JediArms Dealer
    Darth Chasm
    Silver Serpent
    Nassad Tai
    Jake Clouser
    Darrius Roar
    Naigon at NEC
    Adrian Tan at Saber Essentials
    Darth Ryo
    Darth Alice
    Darth Nurse
    Obi Shane

    and last but certainly not least.. Tim at TCSS and everyone else here on TCSS' forums. Many thanks to each and every one of you.

    Darth Maledous - sith lord in training!
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    Pics as promised:

    Display box that I sanded, stained and added some accents to. Plaque by Props & Plaques:

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    Awesome work bud!

    Naasad Tal - A.K.A. Chris S.
    My Saber Build -

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    Excellent work on that one
    "But you are mistaken. I am no Jedi"

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    Awesome job!!! Saber looks great, both the hilt and the blade!!!!!

    "Let the past die."

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    Excellent work -- especially for your first!
    Did you light the CC? Any pics of the chamber in the saber?

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    Ermergerd I want one!!!


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