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Thread: Shadow Hand: My very first build

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    Thanks everybody. The crystal chamber is custom made by JediArms Dealer. PM me and I'll link you to his page. I do plan to weather the chamber a slight bit. I started very lightly scuffing the discs with 400 grit. I'll more than likely dab a little bit of brass black for the weathering. I'll have the rest of the hilt parts next week hopefully.
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    I still wonder how people can make such nice chambers... Nice weathering, too
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    Ok, so it took a little longer than a week to get the rest of the hilt parts in; mainly because I made a mistake in my calculations which could possibly result in me not being able to use the crystal chamber in this build. My plan was to use a "short" 16mm AV switch and a switch 20 with Activation box 6 on the ribbed extension.. well.. what I didn't count on were the switches protruding into that extension which prevents the use of a crystal chamber.. I may still use it as a reveal chamber depending on what I decide to do about an inner chassis. Anyway, I had Tim creat a new ribbed extension without the chamber cutout and here's the progress that I've made since receiving the last batch of parts:

    Graflex replica button, glass eye and graflex pins installed:

    Button head screws installed in the grip section and prepared for weathering:

    A little aluminum black and steel wool on the grip section:

    And finally, after the second round of weathering using Madcows method, here it is all put together:

    Next step is to lightly weather the Activation box 6. I'll be picking up the electronics over the course of the next 3 to 4 weeks, along with my soldering station, shrink wrap, etc. I'll be making a decision on how to approach the inner core/chassis, as I've received some good info from the people here on the forum. I may just do a custom metal inner core which would allow for the crystal chamber reveal.. Let me know what you guys think... please keep in mind that I'm not sensitive, so I take the negative comments along with the positive ones .

    Thanks guys!
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    As a fan of the TFU Starkiller, I always love seeing these builds. I just finished my first build (an MHS Starkiller) a little over a month ago & I can definitely agree it was a difficult build my friend & I spent 15 hours getting the wiring done (it was my first time doing something like this so I was pretty slow), but when I fired her up for the first time, it made the wait totally worth it.

    Looking forward to seeing your build done!

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    Thanks Chris. You've definitely been a HUGE help with all of this.. answering all of my noob questions I have an actual Starkiller build that will begin later this month; but like this build, I'm gonna take my time. My daughter and I are really excited about this build

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    Minor update.. Speakers came in yesterday:

    ..and a little weathering prep for the activation box:

    That's gonna be it for a little while until I get the electronics, inner chassis and the soldering station.
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    Just a quick update:

    We picked up all of the necessary tools needed for the build (soldering station, milspec wire, helping hands, resistors etc.) Spark Color 2 and mail LED will be ordered on Friday the 19th We've decided to go with an RGB setup for the LED, just to have a few options. Still on the fence about which inner chassis to use; it's between a Darth Ryo or the new Shtok chassis. Anyway, that's all for now.

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    Hi everyone. Sorry for such a long delay, but I ran into a few issues along the way.. Anyways, we're back on track. We have everything we need to complete the build now. I picked up a Panasonic 3400mAh 18650 battery and added a PCB, so I figured I'd test the "RED"

    So far so good... Glad to know that I wired the battery up correctly

    More to follow this week.
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    Looks to be coming together very nicely
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    Quote Originally Posted by Therion Jinn View Post
    Looks to be coming together very nicely
    Thanks, I appreciate that.


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