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Thread: Shadow Hand: My very first build

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    Default Shadow Hand: My very first build

    Hi everyone. So I'm finally starting the build log for my very first saber build. This is actually a project that I'm doing with my daughter; she's an electronics geek/tinkerer on her way to being a Comp. Sci major like her old man here. Anyway, we originally planned on doing a Starkiller build, but, I got a little nervous about cutting the graflex shroud on our first time around, so we decided on something a little different. I came across a build that Obi-Shane had done and it became the inspiration of what we're building now. I reached out to Obi-Shane to get his permission, which he gladly gave and here we are. This saber consists of all MHS/TCSS parts, with the exception of some of the parts for the crystal chamber, the 3d printed chassis, the bass speaker and the soundboard:

    • 4" DF Grooved extension
    • V-grooved ribbed extension, with a custom milled section for the chamber
    • MHS Blade holder 20v2
    • Red Graflex button and clear Graflex eye
    • Short style Graflex electrical pins
    • MHS Heat sink v4
    • Chassis discs 2, 3, 4 and 5
    • MHS Pommel style 4 - I might change this to Pommel style 3v2
    • MHS Activation box 6
    • MHS Switch 20 and 16mm AV red dot switches
    • MHS MPS Insert style 6
    • NEC Spark Color 2 soundboard
    • Saber Essentials v4 speaker
    • Custom crystal chamber, from my buddy JediArmsDealer

    My daughter wants a red blade, since this will be a Sith sword, but we're on the fence as to go with a DeepRed/DeepRed/Amber or RGB. We ordered, and received, both extensions, the blade holder and the heat sink. The rest of the MHS parts should be here sometime next week; so while we're waiting, I figured I'd get a start on weathering some of the parts:


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    Got the blade holder taped and prepped for the weathering:

    Here they are now after the weather treatment, a good bit of sanding and rubbing with 0000 steel wool:

    Here it is partially put together:

    I'll post another update sometime next week.
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    Your first build looks more complex and better than my meager attempts. Great job! Looking good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Tilmon View Post
    Your first build looks more complex and better than my meager attempts. Great job! Looking good.
    Thanks for the compliment. As far as complexity.. I've gone back and forth, and back again, over different designs/features, etc. to decide what I really wanted. I just hope it turns out close to what I have in my head. Planning is the key here, as alot of people on this forum will tell you. More to come.

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    Time to show off the crystal chamber

    Rear view.. the two brass tubes will be used as a conduit for the LED wires

    Bottom view.. 5mm LED goes here:

    Silver mesh for a 3D effect:

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    Hmm. The mesh is something I don't think I've seen anyone use before. Interesting!

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    Uhm, whoa. That is a super fancy crystal chamber!
    Can't wait to see it lit up!
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    Looks awesome so far!

    Any plans to weather the chamber as well?

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    Lookin good
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    Interesting split/dual crystals. I particularly like the gear that separates them. Looking great!


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