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Thread: Question on a Tri Cree

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    New on the building, roll your eyes and I will continue... Ok, I am trying to mix red and royal blue with a a tri cree to make purple and I have a white for FOC. I am using a nb V4 and a 3.7 lion battery, I have hooked up the wiring as it is shown in the manual with a power extender with the red on L1 the Blue on L2 and the white on L3 all as shown. The speaker is connected and the rest is as shown in the manual. My problem is only the red lights on power up, the blue is flashing on clash and the white only lights when powering down, also the sound is very weak, low. Really confused, I think it might be a switch problem or wiring, look at the V4 manual in the store and look at the wiring diagram for the FOC and that's what I did so maybe you have some advice for me. E3

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    My first MHS saber has RO/A for the main LED on a NB v2. The Orange color is AWESOME. I just calculated the resistors like normal and run them.

    I did use green for my FOC for a full on yellow FOC.


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