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Thread: CF8 - Tangible Font Selection (TFS) - Connection

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    I'm new to CF8 and I'm going to solder the resistor for TFS (tangible font selection) to the card... Actually, it's a simple push button to detect crystal presence, but for easier forum later search I used "resistor" term.

    I read a lot of docs and compared a lot of images to my card and I'm still not sure WHERE to place the device pins:
    - the first one is quite easy to find as a pad exists and is quite well identified in Erv's documentation;
    - the second one, is harder to me to find: depending on the image there is a resistor at the supposed location, sometimes not.

    Here is MY card. I placed markers to various locations I suppose I should solder the pin... Could an Expert confirm to me (and to others how are wandering) which one is the correct one?

    1. Obvious first pad
    2. Left pad of the resistor?
    3. Right pad of the resistor?
    4. Bottom-left pin of the component?

    Thanks for the help!

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    Hi there!

    Erv' replied to me: it's pad #3 on the picture.

    See U all


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