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    Hey all...

    I just started blade building and I am starting cheap so I don't waste good money on mistakes. So I am using a Hasbro Blade-Builders Obi-Wan saber, but I am taking out the blue LED and replacing it with a red Cree-XPE2 LED (2.6v max at 350 mA). I am also including a super bright red LED (2.4v max at 20 mA) for a crystal chamber. I am using a 9v battery because I want the staying power, I am assuming a 9v will last longer that 3 X 1.5v.

    I understand that the red Cree LED needs to be resisted because the blue LED that the saber came with takes more voltage. My question is, with a 9v, should or can I resist the sound board from a 9v to 4.5v, then resist the Cree LED from the 4.5v down to a safe voltage as not to burn it out? Will that work?

    Thank in advance for Any help...

    Stephen =]

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    Don't use a 9v. They cannot put out enough current to run a high-powered LED like the Crees.

    3xAA alkalines will run just fine, though you'll replace them fairly often. An upgrade to li-ion batteries will save you a ton of money in the long run.
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    A 9v battery will not last as long as 3xAA.

    Your best bet is to start with the 2010 Hasbro Tutorial

    Your LED will need an appropriate resistor. Which will depend on your battery solution and the LED chosen.
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