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    Hello all. This is my first CF8. wired it with a color ex. no problems in the wiring all works well. Began to play around with rice settings.was on the Led page. got an error the led was to high. quickly hit default settings but sounded like the led was sizzling. Now no boot up, nothing... Did I fry my CF8?

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    Hearing sizzling certainly does not sound like a good thing. Did you see any smoke?

    You will definitely want to take your card out or at least expose it so you can get some pictures. If you don't see any obvious things then post them here and folks will be able to comment.

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    The CF is not in the saber I have not done the final build. Wanted to test the rice port. Everything worked and booted fine before I was messing with rice. I was messing with the white chanel and current 4 when I got the error. Before I take pictures. Can rice fry my board? And there was no smoke or anything like that. and there are no visible signs on the CF. The sound came from the LED

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    Did you properly resistor the LED that isn't current regulated? Is the board still working? It doesn't sound to me like you fried the board, but you probably fed the LED too much current and one of the emitters blew.
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