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Thread: Prizm 3.5 4,5,6 fonts won't read

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    Default Prizm 3.5 4,5,6 fonts won't read

    Having some problems getting my prizm 3.5 to recognize fonts 4-6. I have experience with these boards and know how to add fonts properly. This is one I had been holding on to for a while but everything functions fine except it only runs 3 fonts.

    After searching I found this but there was no resolution.

    If you know anything, please help me out. Thanks.

    Btw yes, I formated the card, copied 1,2, and 3 exactly and renamed them, and I named the 4,5,6 fonts 1,2,3, to make sure they were not corrupt and they work. The board just doesn't recognize 4,5,6. I am also aware it's case sensitive.

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    Did you do a quick format, or a full format? It makes a difference. Full format is required anytime you change the font files. Formatting is not required to change settings in the config files.
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