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    Back in 2006 I decided to fulfill my boyhood dream of having my own lightsaber. I sat down one night and drew up the design for what would become "Azrael." I sent that design off and had it made into a beautiful, gleaming hilt of aluminum and brass. At that time the best you could really do without doing anything exotic was to have a single LED installed. I coughed up the extra change and had a Lux V cyan installed in my saber. Of course, this was just around the time that sound boards were starting to become more popular and it wouldn't be much longer until Erv hit mainstream with Crystal Focus. I knew I wanted sound, but it wasn't to be at that time.

    Azrael was originally made by Ry at the now-defunct Random Sabers. It was a beutiful saber, but it wasn't duel worthy. Over time it started to loosen and wear. Eventually I put it aside and decided to come back to it later. Fast forward ten years and last November I decided to revisit this design. With the help of Tim and his world-class custom services I was able to create an updated version of Azrael.

    One of my favorite stories as a kid was the Dark Empire trilogy. There's a great scene in DE2 where Luke and a few Force sensitives come across a hidden trove of lightsabers on Ossus. If you haven't read the series I highly recommend it. With this scene in mind, I wanted to create a saber that looked ancient and worn, as if it had come out of this pit. There were some slight changes to the original, but where I could I kept the design as similar as possible.

    With all that out of the way, I present Azrael v2.

    Crystal Focus v8
    Tri-Rebel Lime Lime White
    7.4v Li-Ion
    Bass Speaker
    Recharge Port
    7/8" blade

    Thank you for all your help, Tim!

    And thank you to everyone here. Without this forum, building a lightsaber would be much, much more difficult.

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    Wow! The remake looks great! I ordered the parts for my saber a few days ago and I am happy to get into this journey! An btw your'e right... The forums are the best place in the internet (at least for me that is...)
    Join me, join the dark side!

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    Great looking saber! The weathering is really good.


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