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    Ok So I am very new to the forums here and I have a wiring dilemma. I've just gotten my new CFV8 and I've done a test wiring with the use of a breadboard. I've gone over my book for the cfv8 and tried trouble shooting but I cannot get the AV momentary switch and the main led to light up. They AV switch works for activation and the main led will work for CoF but nothing else. I've tried wiring the main led and led leads for the switch to the main led pads and tried wiring both individually and still nothing. Everything else works perfectly thus far and I'm wondering if there is a protection circuit in place to protect against high powered led and breadboard use? If anyone can help or enlighten me that would be awesome!
    Ps my main led is a A007 luxdrive Indus dedicated green led robed from an old saber forge build (until my tri cree arrives) and my AV momentary is a 16mm short from TCSS.

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    Did you check your color profiles to make sure the channel you're trying to drive is active?
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    no Sir! let me give that a go and its probably as simple as that!

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    ok so the R.I.C.E. program isn't recognizing that i have the sd card reader in. I'm running on a mac btw and the card shows up fine but under the GUI app it shows port bluetooth-modem and port bluetooth-PDA-Sync and when i hit autoscan, it does nothing. would drivers be needed for this type of recognition? Also I've realized I've posted under the wrong forum headings but I do not know how to delete the post and repost elsewhere. my computer is very old as well.

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    You're trying to use rice with the card loaded into the computer? If so, that won't work. Rice is for interfacing with the saber. You should look over the settings and rice sections of the manual a few more times.
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    There is no rice section of the manual I printed out and in it, it makes no mention of the GUI program only working via cable connect or having to manually adjust settings when direct connecting

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    When you download the RICE program in the store, the manual for it's use is right there for you to download as well.
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    Are you talking about the Crystal Focus 8.0 rice download screen on the plecter site? Or tcss rice link? Both of which aren't showing a rice manual. When I click current manual it takes me to a petit crouton wiring diagram.

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