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Thread: Nth Light Technology

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    Default Nth Light Technology

    Holly! Just watch, I think we may have something here!

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    Looked around on their web site and collected a few bits of info...
    10V at 1 amp, so maybe three 3.6V batteries?
    You can buy a 2"x24" test strip now (not inexpensive) with other products available in the second quarter of 2016.
    Looks like the test strip wouldn't work easily in an MHS (or whatever) saber just because of the 2" wide connector, but maybe once they have other available products, Tim can get in touch with them and get a custom run of blade friendly sizes.
    Very interesting stuff indeed!

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    Imagine a photon blade with this stuff in it, or any blade really, a solid LED sheet in any color that bright! Their in a convention center for $%&@ sake! And look at how bright it is!

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    Okay, I'm no expert, but you can see from the red arrows that this place is pretty lit up, and the blue arrows show reflections of light FROM the sword! Any super math guys here that can figure out how bright this thing is? We kind of need you.

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    This needs to go on the store wishlist thread.

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    Agreed. I hope someone can figure out how bright this thing is.

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    Been browsing their website and reading the sample product datasheet, and I definitely think these are viable for use in sabers, with the possible setback being cost. They'd basically be very similar to an LED string blade, which would allow for progressive ignition and retraction as well. In order to use these, we'd probably have to start using 18350 or 16340 cells in our sabers in order to fit enough cells for the proper voltage. All in all, I'm very curious to see if something like this will be phased into the saber world in the near future

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    All it takes is for someone to do it. That someone could be you!

    The voltage requirement is gonna make it rough to use it with current sound boards, but nothing's impossible.
    We all have to start somewhere. The journey is all the more impressive by our humble beginnings. for the lazy man's resistor calculator! for getting resistor values the right way!

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    The issue will be the matrix wiring for the lighting sequence...hence the large connector count. They do look good behind white acrylic or printed graphics, but the printing process lays the actual OLED in very random patterns.

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    I saw a build with a CF and an 11.1v battery so I think it's possible.
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    I can light a small city with my board


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