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Thread: Is an rgb photon blade possible?!

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    Better yet (possibly). If they can print sheets, could they print solid rods? A Red rod, Green rod, and Blue rod as the center core!

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    Does anyone know where to find the original thread of the talks about the photo-reactive materials?

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    I believe its somewhere over on the saber fx forum.

    There are a lot of issues with the nth light leds. One is that they are thirsty suckers and if you wanted to run even one sheet you apparently need more juice then what you can get out of two 18650 which is right now essentially the normal battery configuration. If you wanted to be able to light up 3 sheets at the same time you would need a hilt that is probably as big around as car battery to run it properly.

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    the issue with this, and i could be very wrong, is that the two sheets that are not reactive to the color being pumped through the blade would dull the light. Kind of like shining a red LED through a blue colored blade. It would still light up but most of the light "energy" would be lost
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