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Thread: Modified MHS hilt with Prizim and RGB LED

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    Default Modified MHS hilt with Prizim and RGB LED

    Wanted to share my latest hilt. Did this with all MHS parts. Modified "grenade" extension, and a slightly modified emitter. Look closely in the pics, the AUX and main are centered in the emitter between the screws. Not a small feat as I see it. Even if its a proto I'm quite pleased.
    But I'll let you decide....and some pics

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    That's a great looking saber.

    Your switch placement is absolutely amazing.

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    It looks really good so far!
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    Very cool saber. High mounted switches just like Eastern 57. No mean feat. Excellent work as always.

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    Is that blade holder #5?

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    Nicely done with the switch placement. Cool saber!
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    Simple and elegant. The switch placement is fantastic. Did the shop powdercoat that extension?

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    For Thaland: Yes that is BH #5. It came in pretty handy for the switch set up. Gave a nice amount of space to run wires through.
    For rlobrecht: I have a friend who did the powder coating for me. He does my Pwdr coat work on most of the hilts. I'm moving away from the paint and bake method for the most part. Mainly for the clean hilts, for the weathering I'm still doing that on my own.
    Thanks for all the cudos btw. It was an interesting challenge. I myself really like this hilt.

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    Very nice Noyl. One of your better ones for sure.
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