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Thread: UV Reactive Paint/Dye for Blade Color?

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    Default UV Reactive Paint/Dye for Blade Color?

    I recently purchased an extremely high powered UV led flashlight and have been playing around with it. I wonder if anyone has created a saber that uses uv led(s) in the star and for a blade uses a tube coated in UV Reactive paint or dye.

    Similar idea to the photon blade but of course the dyes react to uv light not blue light.

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    I don't recall anyone specifically doing UV reactive paint with their UV lights, but others have tried adding UV LEDs in general

    See for more information:
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    People have tried it. It's far less effective than using blue light + fluorescein (the green dye in Photon blades).

    Black lights have a neat effect because you're doing it in a darkened room, which makes the colors "pop" more. When you try to do the same in a well-lit room, it's a lot less impressive.
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