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Thread: Crystal Chamber help

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    Here is my first attempt at a crystal chamber. Many trips to the hardware store and some time playing with crystals and this is what I got. I have no idea how to get this into a saber. Any ideas on how I can make this chamber better would be greatly appreciated. Or even how to start putting it into a saber. The disks are TCSS disk #3
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    Well you are going to need a way for wires to pass through the chamber unless its in the very tip of the pommel. Unless you have hollow tubes I can't see you will need to add some. How big those tubes are and how many you need will depend on where in the saber you stick the chamber. If its going to be between the sound board and the switches then you will need to pass a LOT of wires through it. If the switches and soundboard and speaker are on one side and the only thing on the other is the led then you only need to pass your main LED wires through it.

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    Have you designed the look of your saber? The parts you use may dictate how and where the CC fits into the build. If it's a reveal, you could use the discs that lock between MHS parts so part of the hilt can be removed to expose it. You will also need to construct a chassis to hold a battery and soundboard which will join to your CC. As minorhero says, tube to pass wires through will be essential.
    This was my first saber, with a similar CC to yours.


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    Yes thank you both. Your right I'm going to need some brass tubes to pass wires through. I do need to start thinking about design. I think locating it below the switch would be the best location. Your CC looks great Greenie, nice work. I see you found a different solution to holding the crystal, I racked my brain trying to figure that out. How would I get the hollow rods to stay in place without pulling out through the holes on the disks?
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    Disk #3 is the smaller one, meant to go inside a ribbed section. Do you know what your hilt will look like?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rlobrecht View Post
    Disk #3 is the smaller one, meant to go inside a ribbed section. Do you know what your hilt will look like?
    I didn't know which disks I got. They were the only ones available. I haven't figured anything out yet. I was thinking that the image that Greenie posted was the type of disks I had. I'm new to all this. I started buying Ultrasabers is how I got introduced. I'm realizing I'm venturing into a more sophisticated world than US. I'm going to have to dig into looking at what part TCSS offers and how to do this. So for a setup that I have I'm looking for a ribbed section, thanks! I will take a look at the shop.

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    By the time you've built the CC and chassis then fed wires through the tubes, they won't slide through the disc holes. The set up I showed above uses three holes (in a triangle) for threaded rod, then two for wiring. The crystal is 'clamped' between discs once the nuts are tightened on the threaded rod.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jediseth View Post
    How would I get the hollow rods to stay in place without pulling out through the holes on the disks?
    The holes in the discs are around .116". You could use brass tubes from the shop which are .1875" OD. The OD of the tubes will prevent them from passing through the holes.
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    I see, that does answer my question thanks! Greenie, what # disks did you use on that CC you posted? Also what did you use to hold the crystal on the ends? I'm finding unless you have a lathe finding parts that will work is a little tricky. Thanks!
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    The discs at either end are #2. There are also spacers at one end and a disc#1 (locking disc) with a female coupler in between.
    The crystal is between a stator coil (from a disk drive) and the cut off end of a hose coupler.



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