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Thread: Pico Crumble giving Lavender FoC

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    Default Pico Crumble giving Lavender FoC

    Hey Everyone! I just finished wiring up my first soundboard!! (wooooo!) I chose the Pico crumble because i couldnt settle on a color i wanted and the RGB color switching seemed like a wonderful solution to my whims. I got everything together and i LOVE IT... till i hit something with it. I understand the FoC is supposed to flicker all three LEDs, so RGB yields a white flash... or should. Mine is more lavender/ Very light purple. If im using the purple (RB) setting it looks great, but if im using something like cyan (GB), im afraid im going to give children seizures. Im sure this is something ive goofed.

    Im using:
    Red/Green/Royal Blue Cree XP-E2 CopperNova
    1 of the 1.5ohm 5w resistors on the red LED
    1 of the .47ohm .5w resistors shared by the Green and Royal Blue positive leads

    Is it because im using Royal Blue and not regular Blue? Is it the .47 resistors instead of .5?

    I appreciate any help, thank you.

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    I suspect it is because you are sharing a single resistor for your green and blue...they should each have a .47ohm resistor, not one for both.

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    Reds sometimes are slightly stronger in a rgb white mix, if you had a config to adjust I'd say jut to turn it down but the pico can't do that. I us dR/G/rB setups to help avoid this, not only i the red truer, but it's slightly dimmer presence blends better into whites (also makes killer purples)


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