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Thread: Occasionally responsive wiring Habro blade builder.

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    Default Occasionally responsive wiring Habro blade builder.

    I've torn apart a rey bladebuilder for it's soundboard and thrown it into the wiring for my stunt that was working beforehand, and now the circuit is partially unresponsive. Pushing the button only occasionally turns it on/off. I did a lot of reading from This Thread and a couple others and ended up going with this schematic due to already using a buckpuck. My wiring is as follows


    Using a TIP42G Transistor, so I believe the leg are Base, Collector, Emitter from left to right(Though the transistor is backwards in that image). Is my wiring wrong somewhere, or do I have a joint issue?

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    It's hard to tell with the photo, but the transistor looks wrong.

    on the ones I've done, the far left leg goes to the speaker or Led leads from the board. middle leg goes to the positive on LED . right leg goes to battery positive.

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    If it was working before, but isn't working now, I don't think there's an issue with the wiring. The transistor appears to be wired correctly (the image has the transistor on its back so the order is reversed). Check your batteries. It looks like you have a Buckpuck there. Once your batteries drop below 5v, it won't work properly. Those AAA batteries will drop in voltage pretty fast.

    You could remove the Buckpuck and replace it with resistors, or you could bump up your batteries to AA sized. AA batteries will stay above 5v much longer than the AAAs you're using. Li-ion batteries would work as well, but that'll introduce some new issues with voltage.
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