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Thread: CF8 FoC Led comes on as soon as kill key is removed help please

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    Default CF8 FoC Led comes on as soon as kill key is removed help please

    Hello saber people.

    First of all let me thank you for this awesome comunity I've been a member in the shadows for a long time reading and investigating to build my first saber and I finally did it.

    I did it step by step as suggested checking and double checking and everything works exept one thing. As the title says as soon as I remove the kill key my FoC die comes on after I turn it on it works the way it should. Now I've done my best to build the saber and everything without bothering you guys, I've read the manual a lot and checked my conections several times but I am in a place that I'm so close to perfect and don't want to ruin it now XD. So if anyone has any idea of how to solve this it will be most welcome.

    Also as a side note has anyone gotten a bad charger from the shop? From what I read the charger should have a red led on and turn green when the saber is charged. Mine is red for 1 sec when plugged to the wall and turns green while the saber is unplugged and stays green. When I plug in the saber the light is always green and it doesn't charge it at all. The battery works because I managed to charge it elsewhere and it's been doing fine and I asume the recharge port is good since the kill key works as intended.

    Excuse any incompetence on posting, first forum post in my life.

    Thanks a lot for the help.

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    There are two common reasons this can happen:

    1. You may have wired something incorrectly. A picture of your wiring diagram would help.
    2. There's a short circuit allowing power to flow where you don't want it. Check your solder joints. If they're big and globby, or if they're touching multiple solder pads, then you can have this problem. Also, be sure your electronics are not touching the inside of your saber. They need to be kept electrically isolated from the metal hilt.

    If you've never done soldering before, I'd guess that your problem is #2. A good resolution picture of your sound board and solder joints would help.
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    Hello sorry for the delay on an answer had a long day at work yesterday. And thanks for the help. Here are some pics of my wiring sorry the wire is all yellow I live in South America and yellow was the only color they had in the appropiate guage and it was out of stock in the shop when I bought the parts; but it is all methodically and carefully labeled , at least in my head. I tried to add the labels to each wire for what they do I hope it's good enough. As you said first time soldering here so that might be it. I have a 5ohm 3W resistor on the FoC. I did my best reading to figure out the wiring but I might have messed up somewhere.



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