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    Hey folks, first time builder here, and I'm just trying to get my bearings on what kind of saber I want to build. Totally new to the scene, so I'm going down the route of inexpensive and easiest to tinker for my first build. But I do however want to have some premium components like sound.

    One thing I'm just not clear on is the power portion of it.

    Originally I was going to just go with a basic battery setup. But from what I was reading, 2AA or 4AAA isn't enough juice to power a soundboard. But I noticed on the NBv3, it states you CAN use 2 Lithium Ion 14500's, which ups the juice to 7.2v.

    I just wanted to confirm if that sounds right, and indeed if I could build a saber using the 2AA Battery Holder and put 2 14500's to power a saber that uses a Cree-Tri and a NBv3. My main goal is a basic saber with sound and FoC.

    Thanks a ton!

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    Welcome to the party.

    Either the thing you read was wrong or you misread it. The NB has a max input of 5.5v. The typical battery used is a SINGLE 3.7v 18650. That will get you more runtime than a SINGLE 3.7v 14500.

    Go over to the NB product page and download the manual and read several times. Most, if not all, questions are answered there.
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    Ohh Ok I think I see what you mean. It's saying a SINGLE 18650 or 14500. So... I would assume then that you'd need 1 14500 along with 1 dummy cell, which would get you to 3.7. Am I interpreting that correctly?

    I'm a little nervous going with the 18650 simply because I'm not really an expert in wiring and soldering, so I'm more worried about the complication of the recharge port in the equation
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    There are removable 18650s and compatible holders available. A recharge port is convenient but not always necessary.

    Watch these videos:
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    You have that right about the 14550 and dummy cell.

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    Great thanks guys - really appreciate it. Not having much experience with the electrical side I'm always second guessing that part of it.


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