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    I am sure that I am going to ask some basic questions that are already answered in another post; I apologize in advance. The reason for this is because I am trying to create a Darth Maul build for the 501st and I just found out that the Menace SE from Ultrasabers will not be approved. Also, the Saberforge Mauler does not have all the parts in stock and cannot/will not tell me if they will come back into stock.

    All of the Force FX are selling for $400/hilt well outside what I am willing to spend right now; however, I did find a set for $400 and only have a short window to decide. Then someone showed me the DM1 Saber Kit I also found out that someone was able to get their DM1 approved. So because of my tight deadline here are my questions:

    1) Would you suggest the MR Force FX (modded or not modded) or the DM1

    2) I read the thread (looks straightforward) but how difficult is the conversion of the MR in reality.

    3) How much would someone estimate it would cost to do the complete build off of the DM1 kit. I got confused on exactly what parts I need from the "Sabers for Dummies List" because of the kit aspect and I didn't know how updated

    4) How difficult are the builds?

    Thank you in advance for all the advice and bring on the criticism for being a noob.

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    Converting an FX saber is typically faster than building one from scratch. I haven't done any conversions myself, so someone else will need to chime in on the difficulty. I will say that many newbies to our forums start out doing a conversion and succeed on their first try (sometimes with a few hiccups).

    The DM1 is going to end up being a much nicer saber when you're done with it. As for price to complete the saber? Well, that's really going to depend heavily on what you put in it. If you go for a budget build, you could add lights but no sound for around ~$25. That would include a battery, resistors, switch, and a couple of single-die Rebel Red LEDs. Blades would be extra as well. Adding sound is where it gets complicated (and expensive) fast. There are inexpensive boards, but you start requiring other bits and pieces like a chassis, speakers, etc.

    Parts for full sound and lights can easily run $100-$250 or more, depending on what you're looking for.

    The good news is that you can go the inexpensive route first, and upgrade your saber later when you have more time and/or funds.
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    Thx, I think I will go the DIY route

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    Good luck building it!
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    I have done a Luke ROTJ (not black series) conversion and it went pretty well. It is my first conversion and I am new to building.
    I do have 1 question as I am about to do the Maul conversion; With using the Rebel or Cree single LED pads, do I need to put resistors on them? I'm using all of their original parts and just converting to a LED and removable blade.

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    I have a DM1 hilt. Im just making the hilt but there are no instructions on how to put it together. Can someone help.



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