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    Does anyone know if a MHS choke style 3 Long would house a short 16mm av switch?
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    Well, with a some precision Mill Work, anything is possible. But if you mean can you Recess mount a 16mm AV Short switch in a MHS Choke style 3 Long; the answer would be "Sure, but not comfortably."

    The Short 16mm AV switches are .799in from under the switch head (i.e. the rim that keeps the switch from popping through the hole) to the end of its terminals. The ID of a MHS Choke from TCSS is .8in, not to mention it's a cylindar in there so you run out of that .8mm really quickly on the outer edge of the swich. So that leaves you with .001in for wiring. .....Not comfy. Even MHS Builder looks cramped. Center of MHSC3L.jpg

    There are ways around it though! The outer ends are thicker. That means more metal on the far ends of the MHS Choke style 3 Long to help Eat up some of that .799 you have. If you are close to the threaded ends you may have more luck. You might also get a little creative and incorporate one of these from TCSS
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    It would depend on where you want to house the 16mm short av switch. I've done it before closer to the male end of the choke:

    Even then, I had to bend the pins slightly so that it would fit. Everything was a tight squeeze, but definitely manageable!
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    You can also trim the switch terminals if necessary. Provided you've made a solid solder joint, there's no need for the terminals to be full-length.
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